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We finished! The girls cranked out the last two jumpsuits in our longest sewing day yet. I fell asleep so early that night the 8pm prayer call at the next door mosque actually woke me up. 

The collection looks pretty amazing (I can blatantly brag this time because I didn’t make it myself). I am so excited that Tom Foolery will have COLOR in this runway show that didn’t require 60 hours of backbending painting. Just the dedicated work of six exceptional ladies.

On our last day sewing, I laughed the hardest. Madam Grace took it upon herself to interrogate me on my marital status. If the CIA’s looking…she’s relentless. She makes high school reunions feel like a picnic. Grace informed me that I can either be married or be a nun, there is no in between. And at my age I should already have two kids. She didn’t stop there. I should aim for seven kids. I need to fill the seats at the dining room table and God will provide the rest. I ensured her that if I have 7 children none of those beautiful fools are going to college without a scholarship and they will be raised with a deep appreciation for hand-me-down clothing. Grace concluded by telling me that if she could go back and do it all over again she would be a nun instead of getting married. There’s the ringing endorsement! Her black and white approach to everything in life is absolutely priceless. She had all the ladies howling with laughter at lunch.

The glorious Madam Grace

The glorious Madam Grace

Yesterday we went fabric shopping with the girls, this time to find something they loved. They’ve spent the last two days making an outfit for themselves and we will be having a fashion show and photoshoot tomorrow! Cinderella’s mice don’t even get this excited over making a dress. Heres a little preview of their masterful work.

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