The Idea

The jumpsuit is a particularly wonderful garment that exhibits all the class and elegance of a dress for an evening out while offering enough mobility to outrun the cops at the end of the night. It’s no wonder the versatility is appealing but with great design comes great consequence. Tom Foolery started with the simple idea of creating jumpsuits that allow women to use the ladies room without sitting on a drafty stall clutching your naked chest with your jumpsuit around your ankles while frantically tracking passers by in the crack next to the door. The solution was this: an open, overlapping side seam with a drop down seat.'


The Designer

Shannon Ashford is the founder, designer, and creator of Tom Foolery. A SoCal native most likely to be found with her bare feet in the sand quoting Will Ferrell comedies. Her curiosity has taken her around the world, up mountaintops, down sea caves, and out of open plane hatches. Always finding the light in others, her goal is to dress you to match the beauty within. She describes these jumpsuits as the perfect manifestation of the energy and adventure of a tomboy packaged as a classy lady. Made for the daring and refreshingly original.



The Effort

These jumpsuits are made locally and under fair conditions. Our goal is to not only create visually appealing garments, but to maintain integrity in the production process. All products are currently being sewn by Shannon Ashford herself in a garage turned studio. All fabric is made from plastic bottles collected in Haiti. Our partners at Thread International develop this environmentally responsible jersey and create thousands of jobs in developing countries with the production process. Thread is a socially and environmentally conscious corporation on a mission to end poverty by creating dignified jobs and responsible, high-quality fabrics. We are very proud and excited to be a contributor to their goal. We hope to set an example of true transparency and ethically produced clothing.