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National Film and Television Awards

“Tom Foolery provides bespoke and handmade clothing, with custom fitted jumpsuits to ensure that your order fits perfectly. Their garments show class and elegance, whilst at the same time are practical and are suited for your every need, whatever the occasion.”


“NEED : Tom Foolery makes beautiful yet practically-designed jumpsuits and rompers that allow you to be comfortable, look classy, and move freely all at once.”

FASHION Magazine

“The entire process takes around two seconds and is somehow even more convenient than a regular pair of pants. While a jumpsuit that’s easy to go to the bathroom in seems like it must be some sort of witchcraft, I promise you this is real life. I don’t think I can ever go back.”


“Being a designer myself, I love the cleverness of how the piece was cut. I was lucky to get two of the newest models of jumpsuits and it was a breeze putting it on. It is made as one long piece that you can wrap around you.”


“Ashford’s models ended the show with an unapologetic demonstration of the jumpsuits functionality surprising SS19 attendees with the dropseat design of each piece made for the modern dresser. Ashford’s pieces were classic, yet daring with clever cuts and features manifesting in a striking show.”