We went big this season! Our fall show at Paris Fashion Week was a hit thanks to these beautiful girls. We partnered with the Heri Sewing College in Malindi , Kenya to produce a collection of jumpsuits that fused our SoCal comfort with striking African prints. Read more about the makers below!




Intensely creative with an unassuming yet powerful drive. Prisca doesn’t need to be told anything twice. She has a raw talent for fashion and an ability to lead others quietly letting her actions inspire those around her. Upon my arrival she informed me that had my flight not been delayed, she would already have the jumpsuits finished and ready to model. Home girl has tenacity that will kick down doors.



A sweet soul whose wallflower tendencies allow her to observe and understand others so well. Najma is the little angel on your shoulder telling you you’ve got this and everything will be okay. Her skill and hard work are difficult to ignore. She’s going places.



A girl who will be exactly the woman she wants to be regardless of her surroundings. Growing up in a culture that demeans women to procreating and nothing more, it is an incredible act of courage to forge your own path. Carole has a wicked sense of humor and kept us laughing through the long days.



The youngest of 12 with a laugh that heals and a work ethic worth copying . Nancy always knew when to work and when to dance and kept us entertained with her singing. She is deeply skilled and I have no doubt she will find success.



An incredibly focused learner and fiercely proud of her accomplishments. In her graduation speech Janet expressed that she was “no longer a burden to her parents”. With the skill of sewing she is now self sufficient and providing for her family.



The godmother we all wish for who has a way of gently telling you exactly what you need to hear. It was really sweet seeing all the students go directly to her for advice and approval when they finished anything. She always responded with a warm small.

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